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Ways to Use Aromatherapy

Ways to Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is more than just using a diffuser! Here are some popular methods for incorporating essential oils in your everyday life.

  • Diffuser: Add 3-5 drops of oil to your diffuser before turning on.
  • Bath & Shower: Add 3-5 drops of oil(s) to hot bath water or shower steam before stepping in.
  • Air Freshener: Combine oil(s) with distilled water in a spray bottle.
  • DIY Projects: Use essential oil(s) in your homemade candles, soaps, lotions, and more!
  • Household Cleaner: Combine oil(s) with vinegar, alcohol, or distilled water in a spray bottle.
  • Scent Balls: Add a few drops of oil(s) to a cotton ball and hide in corners of bed, bottom of garbage pail, behind the toilet, or anywhere else that could use a burst of fresh fragrance.
  • Dryer Sheets: Add a few drops of oil(s) to a small terrycloth and put in the dryer with your laundry.
How to Use Your Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Diffuser

How to Use Your Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Make sure diffuser is unplugged and on an even, flat surface. Use the USB port or USB cord extender to connect to a charging station or an adapter with a DC power voltage of 5V. Make sure diffuser is unplugged when filling with water and oils.
  2. Open top slowly and fill with distilled water. Do not exceed max fill line located 1/4″ below top of water tank. Add up to 7 drops of essential oil(s) to the water. Please use essential oils with water and not synthetic fragrance oils. Never run diffuser with oil only. Dilute oils in water. Be careful not to drop, flip or shake upside down; especially when water is inside. Do not add more than suggested amount of essential oils or water, otherwise it will result in corrosion.
  3. Plug into USB power source. Once plugged in, choose diffusing options by pressing the power button on the base of the diffuser. When plugged in, 1 click begins continuous misting, 2 clicks provides a spray of mist every 10 seconds, and 3 clicks shuts diffuser off.
  4. After each use, unplug from USB and slowly empty any remaining liquid. Take care not to spill. Wipe the inside clean with a soft cloth. Do not leave stagnant water inside the diffuser.


Proper Care: Use new water each time and wipe the water tank clean after use, and clean every week or so with white vinegar making sure to thoroughly clean the disc at the bottom center of the tank. Do not let water sit in diffuser when not in use. Do not turn on without filling with water, and do not fill past the maximum fill line.