Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser

Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser

NT10050 ·

Bring the ancient tradition of Aromatherapy to your home with our Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser! The sleek, wooden veneer design of this diffuser makes an attractive piece in any room, and its convenient size is perfect for any shelf, table, or desk. Simply plug in and choose your setting.


How to Use: Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils with water to the diffuser.

Plug in any USB port around your home to fill a room with your favorite scents.

Use the USB port on your computer for aromatherapy while you work.

Traveling with your laptop? Taking a road trip? Plug into the USB port on your laptop or in your car for easy on-the-go aromatherapy.

Place diffuser on even, flat surface. Then, slowly fill the bottom half of the diffuser with 100 mL warm (not hot) tap water. Caution, do not overfill or spill.

Carefully add your essential oil(s) directly into water tank (about 5-7 drops). Re-attach top half of diffuser by turning counterclockwise.

Plug into any USB port or use USB Adapter Plug provided to plug into wall outlet, and touch the power button:

ONCE to turn on and activate continuous mist and the color changing LED lights.
TWICE to activate intermittent mist (spray 10 seconds and stop 10 seconds) and the color changing LED lights.
THREE to activate continuous mist and the color changing LED lights, once more.
FOUR to turn off the unit. Unplug to ensure the unit is off.

WARNING: Leave unplugged when not in use.  Do not place any part of the diffuser under water as it contains electronic components.

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