Floral Aromatherapy

These essential oils are distilled from the leaves or buds of a flower source. Floral aromas are known for having pleasantly strong and powerful floral scents

Floral Aromatherapy Products

Pure & Natural Rose Water

2 FL OZ. (.59 mL), NT13080

Massage Oil

4 FL OZ. (118mL), NT11820

Essential Oil Cream

Net Wt. 4 oz (113g), NT11850

Good Nite™
Essential Oil Mist

71mL / 2.4 FL OZ., NT11700

Essential Oil Mist

71mL / 2.4 FL OZ., NT11720

Lavender Essential Oil

10mL Liquid, NT7080

Pure Good Nite™
Essential Oil

15 mL Liquid, NT10580

Pure Bergamot
Essential Oil

.51 FL. OZ. (15mL), NT4491

Pure Lavender
Essential Oil

.51 FL. OZ. (15mL), NT4811