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Mini Diffuser

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Bring the time-honored tradition of Aromatherapy wherever you go with our newly designed Ultrasonic Mini Diffuser! With its new sleek and modern design, this portable diffuser is the perfect travel companion and the petite size makes an attractive addition to any home, office, or travel bag.

With a runtime up to 10 hours when on the interval mist setting and up to 5 hours when on the constant mist setting, this mini diffuser sure is powerful! Simply fill diffuser with water and add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to experience the amazing benefits of aromatherapy, from morning to night.


  • Home
  • Travel
  • Office

How to Use: Make sure diffuser is unplugged. Place diffuser on an even, flat surface. Slowly add water and essential oil (as directed in How to Use Guide). Take care not to spill. Enjoy your aromatherapy at one of the following locations!

Plug your Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser in any USB port around your home or use the USB adapter plug (included in box) to plug into wall outlet to fill a room with your favorite scents.

Plug your Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser into any USB port or wall outlet (using USB adapter provided) around your office for aromatherapy while you work.

Traveling? Taking a road trip? Plug into any USB port in your hotel room for easy, on-the-go aromatherapy.

Make sure diffuser is unplugged and on an even, flat surface. Use the USB port or USB cord extender to connect to a charging station or an adapter with a DC power voltage of 5V. Make sure diffuser is unplugged when filling with water and oils.

Open top slowly and fill with distilled water. Do not exceed max fill line located 1/4″ below top of water tank. Add up to 7 drops of essential oil(s) to the water. Please use essential oils with water and not synthetic fragrance oils. Never run diffuser with oil only. Dilute oils in water. Be careful not to drop, flip or shake upside down; especially when water is inside. Do not add more than suggested amount of essential oils or water, otherwise it will result in corrosion.

Plug into USB power source. Once plugged in, choose diffusing options by pressing the power button on the base of the diffuser. When plugged in, 1 click begins continuous misting, 2 clicks provides a spray of mist every 10 seconds, and 3 clicks shuts diffuser off.

After each use, unplug from USB and slowly empty any remaining liquid. Take care not to spill. Wipe the inside clean with a soft cloth. Do not leave stagnant water inside the diffuser.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from eyes. Leave unplugged when not in use. Do not place top piece of diffuser under water, as it contains electronic components.

Surprisingly Effective Diffuser!

4.0 rating

Saw the Nature’s Truth Mini USB Diffuser and essential oils at the local store. The price for the diffuser was low enough for me to take a chance and buy one. I was VERY pleasantly surprised how effective this small diffuser is at atomizing and distributing the oils. I would not hesitate to pick one up again when travelling. I also loved the bottle of Pure 4 Thrive Essential Oil I acquired along with the diffuser. Just what I needed to keep the mind sharp, thoughtful and clear without being overly stimulated. I am totally satisfied with both products! Thanks!

Works great!

5.0 rating

I’ve had this diffuser for about a year and I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use, clean, and runs just as advertised. I’ve used it in an large office space and in my 100sq ft bedroom and diffuses the rooms perfectly. Lastly, I recommend using the specified 7 drop max for this size, even thought you may find diffuser blend recipes that call for more oil drops, any more than 7 becomes too strong. But all in all this diffuser works great!

Love this!

5.0 rating

Picked this little diffuser up from HEB a few years ago and I still love it. Works great and is perfect for a small space. I would scoop this up while you can because bigger brands are selling this same style in a bigger size for about $100!


5.0 rating

I have had this diffuser for more than a year and it works wonderfully.

Love it!

5.0 rating

It is adorable! Takes up hardly any space! I can use it as a night light & have it go all night, it goes until it’s out of water! And it makes the entire room smell good!